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Effective:  18 March 2011


Standard Chartered Bonus Points is an enhancement to selected premium Standard Chartered debit and credit cards whereby cardholders can earn Bonus Points from participating retailers (Bonus Points Partners) in addition to the reward points earned as the card product feature. Standard Chartered Bonus Points is operated by Pinpoint India Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of Standard Chartered.  

Earning of Bonus Points for selected Credit Cards commences 18th March 2011. 

Earning of Bonus Points for selected Debit Cards commence 1st November 2011. 

1. Standard Chartered Bonus Points - Terms and Conditions

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to those Standard Chartered cardholders who are eligible to earn Bonus Points. 


1.2 The Bank and Pinpoint India reserve the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.


1.3  The following debit and credit cards are eligible to earn Bonus Points: 


Debit Cards: (earning of points commences on 1st November 2011)

  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Employee Banking Platinum Debit Card
  • Priority Banking Platinum Debit Card
  • Preferred Platinum Debit Card
  • Private Banking Infinite Platinum Debit Card
  • Connect N Save Platinum Debit Card - 25K
  • Connect N Save Platinum Debit Card - 10K
  • Connect N Save Platinum Debit Card - Employee Banking
  • Howzzaat!!! Titanium Debit Card- 25K
  • Howzzaat!!! Titanium Debit Card- 10K
  • Howzzaat!!! Titanium Debit Card- Employee Banking
  • ShopSmart Debit Card (earning of points commences on 4th August, 2013)


Credit Cards:

  • Manhattan Platinum
  • Platinum Elite
  • Super Value Titanium
  • Platinum Rewards
  • Preferred World
  • Visa Infinite
  • Bajaj Finserv World Card (earning of points commences on 10th October, 2011)
  • Bajaj Finserv Platinum Card (earning of points commences on 10th October, 2011)
  • Gold Rewards Card (earning of points commences on 9th October, 2011)
  • Emirates Platinum Card (earning of Skyward Miles commences on 1st April 2011)
  • Yatra Card (earning of points commences on 2nd  June, 2012)
  • Inner Circle Platinum Card (earning of points commences on 2nd  March, 2014)


1.4 All other regular debit and credit card conditions apply, including the Banks Reward Redemption terms and conditions. 

2. How does Standard Chartered Bonus Points work?


2.1 Bonus Points enables cardholders to earn Bonus Points when they transact with participating Bonus Points Partners using an eligible, valid Standard Chartered Debit or Credit Card.


2.2 A Bonus Points Partners is a Retailer who has agreed to provide Bonus Points to eligible Standard Chartered cardholders when they transact using their eligible Card.


2.3 Bonus Points are provided by Bonus Points Partners per Rs.100 spent using an eligible Standard Chartered card and are added to the cardholders’ Reward Points Balance.


3. Earning Bonus Points


3.1 Bonus Points are issued per Rs. 100 spent on the eligible Card, and rounded up or down to the nearest whole point for each eligible transaction.


3.2 The number of Bonus Points offered varies between Bonus Points Partners.


3.3 Bonus Points Partners may change from time to time.


3.4 If a cardholder returns any goods purchased with the eligible Card from a participating Bonus Points Partner, or the Card is credited in connection with a disputed transaction, Bonus Points will be accordingly adjusted for the amount reversed. 


3.5 In most cases, Bonus Points cannot be earned in addition to a Bonus Points Partner's own loyalty program points. For example, more Supermarkets and ITC Wills Lifestyle. In such instances, the Bonus Points Partner’s loyalty points are issued and not Standard Chartered Bonus Points.


3.6 Bonus Points will not be awarded on purchases made during the 'End of Season' sale period at Bonus Points Partners.


4. Keeping track of Cardholders Bonus Points


4.1 Bonus Points are processed and uploaded weekly. Credit cardholders  can view their points balance at and Debit cardholders will have to call Phone Banking to know their points balance. Cardholders should allow up to 14 working days for Bonus Points to be reflected in the Reward Points Balance.


4.2 Bonus Points are available for redemption for Credit cardholders at as soon as they have been added to the Reward Points Balance. Debit cardholders will have to call Phone Banking to redeem their Bonus Points.


4.3 In case the number of Bonus Points earned is incorrect, cardholders must contact the Phone Banking Unit of Standard Chartered Bank within 30 days. Bonus Points may be adjusted if Points have been incorrectly credited or debited for whatever reason.


4.4 In case of any disputes, cardholders are required to present the relevant original payment receipts and credit or debit card sale slips for further investigation by the Bank and / or Pinpoint India. In all such cases, the decision of the Bank and Pinpoint India shall be final.


4.5 Any dispute arising out of the Bonus Points program will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.


4.6 Standard Chartered Bank is neither responsible for nor guarantees the quality or defect of the products bought and shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of any goods/ services availed of by the customers.

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